Worlds most weirdest & Expensive gaming chairs in 2023

1. The scorpion gaming chair

With the press of a button, the cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity Esports gaming chair morphs. The scorpion’s tail extends to serve as an overhang support for the screen mount. A controller is used to alter the angle and distance of the monitor. It will offer the desired position whether you have a single curved monitor arrangement or a triple.

As the name implies, this workstation is designed to look like a scorpion, with the scorpion’s tail acting as a mount for your monitors, which can handle up to three 29-inch screens or a single 49-inch display. The chair’s base also has multiple legs to help it stand up.

The chair is made of 3/16-inch high carbon steel and is motorised, so it can lean back and allow you to lie down with the monitors facing you, or you can sit upright. The chair will also include two “claws” that are actually armrests and will accommodate a transparent keyboard and mouse stand. along with a slot for the chair’s remote control.

Developed by cluvens, the cluvens IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming chair boast a scorpion shape that cocoons you.

2. Iw-J20 PRO Ultimate

High-end, Efficient Reclining Zero gravity Workstation
With the highly stable steel structure, tilting capabilities, massage, heating and vibration functions for chair, LED / RGB lighting and much more, Our IW-J20 Ergonomics workstation chair is the future of high-end home and office computer work environments. It offers functions that enable the user to experience unprecedented comfort and quasi total immersion through strategically positioned monitors, audio system and accessories. The result is a complete computer office, ergonomically optimized, with a minimal footprint that improves overall performance and productivity and health and comfort. Sitting on our chair can help a lot for relieving health problems like lower back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, and neck pain. the best in segment for high end online gaming and video streaming.

Versatile Monitor Mount
The J20 monitor mount allows the use of a single monitor up to 49″ ultra wide (21:9 ) or 1 x 43″(16:9), in size or triple monitor setups up to 3 x 29″ (VESA standard) ,the new mounts is adjustable for height range to 61cm.                                                                                             
Lights On
Multiple LED lights, positioned on the upper section of the structure, provide soft lighting without glaring the displays.
Adjustable Keyboard & cell phone Tray, Feet rest, Arm rest, and control panel holder
Position the cell phone, mouse and keyboard tray to your liking and comfort.
Handmade Steel Frame
The J20 is made of robust and stylishly shaped frames built from 3/16″ thick High-carbon steel. All frames have a highly resistant powder coating finish.   
Plug It In
Connect your Mac, PC ,PS, Xbox, or other game console using the gaming station’s selection of built-in inputs and outputs         Fully Adjustable by control panel
To get in and out of the workstation easily and to adjust the height and distance of the monitor(s), use the electrical upper section lifting and lowering controls. For the utmost comfort and to partially relieve back pressure, the station will tilt backward up to 180 degrees ( to lie flat position ) ,multiple seat and leg rest adjustments are also controlled by handy size control panel.
Electronic accessories, like Engines, push rods, lights, transformer, actuators, we can send replace spare parts free of charge for the first year, if those parts don’t work.

Features & Functions:
This workstation creatively integrate working table with reclining chair, it can greatly reduce people’s back tension and neck pain, release lumbar pressure during long time working on computer, and the experience is ultimate comfortable.
1. Supporting triple monitors up to 28″ size for super-wide screen gaming or one monitor up to 49″.
2. The seat is made of racing gaming chair, it’s an adjustable reclining vibrating chair, also equipped with heating function-optional.
3. The frame is made of high-carbon steel, height adjustable, distance adjustable.
4. The computer hosts has place to fix,(beneath chair) all cablings is hiding inside steel frame to keep home and office tidy.
5. 12mm thickness of acrylic Armrests is strong enough, keyboard tray is easy rotary for user to get in/out to the station,
6. A phone sized control panel controls every move of the workstation which is very cool and convenient.
7. Enhance user’s comfort, health and performance
8. With base pedestal, the workstation can move freely

3. The Ultimate Gaming Bed

Every player desires the best possible setup. Of course, you may setup the best PC or purchase a console and decorate your room to provide the ultimate experience. But what about the furnishings? Perhaps you could mix Bauhutte’s furniture to create the ideal gaming bed?

Don’t worry, what you see above is most likely the most unusual setup and a comfortable bed to have for your never-ending gaming needs. The image above is not a single piece of furniture, but rather a collection of accessories made available by a Japanese gaming furniture manufacturer. They sell workstations, cosplay suitcases, and a variety of other items.

Of course, it will take time for you to order each and every feasible furniture accessory accessible. However, once you’ve done that, it should look something like this to give you with maximum comfort while gaming.

You can grab a drink can right there and have nearly every form of gaming accessory at your fingertips. Furthermore, the image illustrates a concept, but you can improve and make it more comfortable by utilising your own ideas for a gaming bed and desktop.

  • Japanese company Bauhutte has a decked out gaming bed concept first noticed by PC Gamer.
  • For now the setup is just a concept, but some items are available.
  • The gaming bed accessories cost about $1,200, not including the cost of the bed.

The Chinese company Bauhutte has eliminated the need to ever stand or even sit again.

The bed was initially seen by Christopher Livingston of PC Gamer, who described it as “gaming’s final form.” A Bauhutte spokeswoman told Business Insider that the photographs depict a concept, not a finished design, however some elements of the concept are currently available through Bauhutte. The bed is not included.

The concept is intended for games, but it might also be ideal for remote workers.


Imagine stepping inside the office and looking for one’s usual office chair, only to discover it has been replaced by a wooden coffin. The chair design’s exterior takes its design cues from coffins, following the shapes and lines of a typical casket, while the interior seems to be made of wood. No cushioned seating area can be seen, so the chair might just be crammed with wood even for the lumbar support. Sitting in this chair while working in the office for a 9-to-5 job seems like a dream one cannot wait to escape from.

The mastermind behind the coffin-inspired chair is Chairbox, a UK-based designer, and the true name of the design is ‘The Last Shift Office Chair.’ The designer tells the inspiration behind the coffin office chair came to him when he was in his friend’s living room lying on the floor with his legs on the couch. ‘I thought that if I die in this pose, they might have to bury me like that. It would be so inconvenient to put me in a coffin. They probably would need a special coffin in this case.

I told my friend about it, and we laughed, but after a couple of weeks, I returned to that idea and explored it a bit more.

name: The Last Shift Office Chair

designer: Chairbox

5. Acer Predator Thronos Air

Acer began selling their gaming throne Predator Thronos. There are models that merely include the throne, as well as three game monitors or a gaming PC to pick from. A full bundle with three monitors is available for as little as 17,990 euros.

Speaking about game chairs, or even gaming chairs, the Predator Thronos does not do the massive build justice. The design totally encloses the player and is more than just a monitor and chair support. Acer describes a large steel framework and an ergonomic seat shell that should immerse the player in the action with “deep impact vibration effects.”

The seat shell adjusts to 140 degrees and there is a footrest to ensure that each player can find his or her ideal posture in the Predator Thronos. A cup holder and a mouse and keyboard find place on a mechanised shelf. Acer refers to the Predator Thronos as the “ultimate player den.”

The player bracket extends from the enormous base, first from behind and then above, leaving the monitor bracket out of the Predator Thronos’ basic setup. The grandiose gaming pulpit costs 17,990 euros in this form. The Thronos costs 19,990 euros when ordered with three Predator Z271U gaming monitors.

But wait, Dave, there’s more for only $25,000!
In addition to three monitors, the Predator Thronos costs 24,990 euros and includes a PC, the Predator Orion 9000, which has been equipped with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX graphics cards since August, a Predator Galea 300 headset, a Predator Aethon 500 keyboard, and a Predator Cestus 510 mouse. Predator Thronos is not a mass-produced or big-volume product, and the delivery period is six to eight weeks in addition to the expensive price. However, this includes delivery as well as on-site assembly service where Acer employees install the Predator Thronos. The guarantee is valid for two years.

  • Predator thronos without additional hardware for 17,990 euros
  • Predator Thronos with three Predator Z271U monitors for 19,990 euros
  • Predator Thronos with a Predator Orion 9000 desktop PC, three Predator Z271U monitors, one Predator Galea 300 headset each, a Predator Aethon 500 keyboard, and a Predator Cestus 510 mouse for $ 24,990

6. A Dragon Gaming Chair

The first question that comes to us mind is “how excellent is it?” It incorporates everything you need to set up in the first option. It even gives more support for ultimate comfort. Let us discuss one of them, the G-Dragon Gaming Chair. One of the most advanced gaming chairs available today.

This will provide you with much more than a “gaming chair.” There is no need for additional setup because everything is included with the chair. Three large displays measuring more than 34 inches each provide support. Full touch screen control is also given, as well as double mechanical armour, curves, and edges. Fully adjustable back angle, headrest, and waist pad for maximum comfort while sitting for hours on end.

The best you can get to perform in relief. 

This futuristic gaming chair also provides other great features to support your body. Massage heating will be your neck’s best friend, healing without stop playing. Water cup refrigeration is the second great friend to keep you hydrated, anytime you want hot or cold water. 

It’s true that we talk about a big sophisticated chair. But, when you have to spend more than $20.000 for a room set up. Then why don’t you buy the greater one? Get all you need from a futuristic gaming chai and you will know how fabulous is it to be real!

name: A Dragon Gaming Chair

designer: Korean Brand Else (Not Confirmed)

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