Brutal news on Seahawks star Jamal Adams’ injuries from Pete Carroll

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Seahawks strategist revealed that Adams had “severe injury” to his quad during a press conference following their historic victory over the Broncos. Even if the amount and form of the injuries were not made clear, Carroll’s replacement is already cause for concern.

Despite the fact that Jamal Adams, a star player for the Seattle Seahawks, was carried off the field during Monday’s game against the Denver Broncos, there were legitimate worries that his injury worsened. Unfortunately for the Seattle supporters, as head coach Pete Carroll learned about the state of their defence, those fears came to pass.

For those who missed it, Jamal Adams was injured after he tackled former Seahawks teammate and current Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. Adams managed to get a good hold of Wilson, but it was no longer optimal because he ended up behind the signal-caller and seemed to knock his leg hard on the ground. Although it was initially believed that he had a knee problem, it turned out that his quad appeared to have sustained the majority of the damage.

Once Adams has undergone additional testing, the Seahawks are scheduled to provide more details regarding his injury. Thoughts are turned to the possibility that more positive than negative information may emerge from it. Even though it’s only the first game of the year, Seattle will need all the support they can get if they want to keep the momentum going in their favour.

Not to mention that Jamal Adams continues to play a crucial role in their defence. He made three tackles before leaving the game on Monday.

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