Did you know about Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth’s new born baby Daughter?

Shia LaBeouf revealed the name of his and Mia Goth’s 5-month-old daughter.

LaBeouf and the actress had up until this time kept the newborn’s sex and name a secret, but in response to Wilde’s claims that she had sacked him from her upcoming movie “Don’t Worry Darling,” he decided to talk about their family. The former Disney Channel actor asked Wilde, 38, to “correct the narrative” in his email, in which he claimed he “left” the project because he “couldn’t find time to rehearse.”After telling Variety that she had fired LaBeouf from the film “Booksmart” in order to “protect” his co-stars and keep them “safe” from his “combative spirit,” LaBeouf responded.

There is a “time and place” to deal with that “basic and serious” scandal, LaBeouf said, even though he was accused of abuse by ex-FKA Twigs in 2021 and afterwards sought therapy.
He added that Wilde’s claims “will never have a court date,” but that if lies are spread widely enough, they eventually come to pass. As a result, it is even more difficult for me to escape the hole that I have dug for myself via my actions and support my family.

LaBeouf, who played Harry Styles’ replacement in the film, also provided the magazine with screenshots of texts that Wilde is said to have given him in August 2020 informing him of his departure.
The former “House” star allegedly told LaBeouf in one message that it “doesn’t feel good to say no to someone” and thanked him for his “honesty.”
In a video, she is also said to have stated that she was “not ready to give up” on his playing Jack in the movie.

Wilde alluded to tension between himself and lead actress Florence Pugh when he questioned whether there was any “hope” for his comeback if the two could “make up.”
Wilde is heard purportedly saying in the video, “I too am devastated and I want to figure this out. I’m curious to know if you’re willing to try this with me, with us.

One day after the “Honeyboy” star’s Bishop Barron interview on YouTube, in which he disclosed he was suicidal about prior scandals and changed his religion after filming “Padre Pio,” news of LaBeouf’s denial broke.

“When all this happened, I didn’t want to be alive any more,” he admitted. “This was the train’s final stop. In every way, there was nowhere else to go. Release date for “Don’t Worry Darling” is September 23.

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