Due to the depreciating rand, the bank will continue to raise interest rates.

SA has not suffered inflation at the rate of industrialised economies, according to Fundi Tshazibana, in part because of central bank policy.

Who is Ms. Fundi Tshazibana?

Ms. Fundi Tshazibana serves as the CEO of the Prudential Authority, a deputy governor of the SARB, and a member of the Monetary Policy Committee. Banks, insurers, cooperative financial institutions, financial conglomerates, and certain market infrastructures are all subject to regulation by the Prudential Authority.

Ms. Tshazibana, CEO of the Prudential Authority, oversees the Financial Surveillance Department and the departments that make up the Prudential Authority as well as the Prudential Cluster of the SARB. She supervised the Financial Markets and International Cluster prior to the rotation of the deputy governors on April 1, 2022.

Ms. Tshazibana was named a deputy governor by the President in 2019 after joining the SARB in 2018 as the governor’s advisor. She is an economist who has worked in numerous local and international institutions, including National Treasury, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA), and the International Monetary Fund. She has substantial experience in the creation and analysis of public policy (IMF).

She served as an alternate executive director on the IMF’s Executive Board, which oversees the institution’s daily operations. Ms. Tshazibana worked as a deputy director-general at National Treasury before joining the IMF, where she was in charge of macroeconomic policy and economic forecasting. She was a senior policy analyst at NERSA. She graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal with a Bachelor of Economics (Honors) in Economics and a Master of Commerce in Economics.

Top Four favours by Fundi Tshaziban for his Country (Born Land)

  1. Fundi Tshaziban is a grassroots organization that provides food and shelter to vulnerable children and families in South Africa.
  2. Fundi Tshaziban has been working to provide food and shelter to vulnerable children and families for over 25 years.
  3. Fundi Tshaziban is a critical organization that provides food and shelter to vulnerable children and families in South Africa.
  4. The work of Fundi Tshaziban is important because it helps to protect the vulnerable children and families in South Africa.

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