The biggest news about the iphone14

Hearing this, the fans started dancing, said – Wow Apple Somebody should learn to steal hearts from you!

We soon will have access to the new iPhones. We believe we already know a lot about them, including their number, appearance, and potential price, but up until recently, it was widely believed that they will be revealed on Tuesday, September 13, and released for purchase on Friday, September 23. That now appears to be incorrect.

Updated on August 25. So, as you have undoubtedly heard, Apple has confirmed that its upcoming special event will take place on Wednesday, September 7. This practically confirms that the new iPhones, Apple Watches, and perhaps AirPods Pro will be available for purchase on Friday, September 16. And that somewhere between September 7 and September 16 will see the release of the iPhone and Apple Watch update. By the way, I anticipate the software to be released on Monday, September 12.

The confirmation of the event date occurred considerably sooner than most analysts had anticipated (although, as you’ll see, I did issue a warning about a potential earlier release at the end of the original piece here). That’s intriguing in and of itself because it demonstrates Apple’s high level of confidence in its ability to manage its supply chain and deliver products on time. After all, it wouldn’t have been unexpected if the new announcement had been delayed by another week.

Second, it’s important to notice that the Far Out invitation identifies the Steve Jobs Theater as the precise venue for the keynote. 

This is significant because it indicates that the event will include more than just the brief appearances by Tim Cook and Craig Federighi at the beginning of the simulcast at WWDC in June, and that there will actually be an in-person component to it.

I’d say that the precise location suggests that it may be more of a return to routine than previously, that is, a live keynote interspersed with video sections, even though Mark Gurman had claimed that Apple had been taping the speech in preparation.

So, stat tuned!

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