Don’t worry, darling, according to Olivia Wilde “Invented clickbait”: Florence Pugh feud and wage gap rumours

Olivia Wilde says “don’t pay attention” to any stories circulating about the “Don’t Worry Darling” set.

The widely touted production of “Don’t Worry, Darling,” starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as a couple caught up in a suburban plot, has had tongues spinning for months.

Not only did director Olivia Wilde fire Shia LaBeouf prior to FKA Twigs’ sexual assault allegations against him, but replacement actor Styles and Wilde are now romantically linked. A purported on-set fight between Pugh and Wilde has also fueled speculation about a “Don’t Worry Darling” feud, with Pugh appearing to disagree with Wilde on the film’s message about female sexuality.

Not to mention the long-standing claim that international music artist Styles was paid.

Not to mention the persistent claim that Pugh, an Oscar candidate, was paid over three times as much as renowned pop singer Styles. According to the website Showbiz Galore’s initial claim, Pugh received $700,000 while Styles earned $2.5 million for the movie. Warner Bros. declined to comment on their wages, and no sources were identified.

However, Wilde debunked all unseemly allegations in a recent Variety cover story. Actually, Pugh was Wilde’s initial choice for the role of Alice, one half of the central pair in the movie. That is, after Wilde turned down the part herself to make the lead character younger,Pugh made her stage debut in 2019 in “Midsommar” by Ari Aster.Wilde said, “I had been blown the fuck away by her.” “I adored her more than I adored the movie. Simply put, I thought, “Well, she’s extraordinary.” She is undoubtedly the most intriguing young actress active today.Regarding the salaries, Wilde refuted the wage disparity.

The “Booksmart” filmmaker admitted that there has been a lot going on that he generally ignores. But what truly irritated me was the silliness of made-up content and the response over a fictitious wage gap between our star and supporting performers. I’ve worked in this industry as a woman for more than 20 years, and as a director in particular, I’ve fought for both myself and other women. Those assertions have no basis in reality.

“The entire culture of celebrity gossip is interesting as a diversionary weapon to numb people from the greater ills of the world,” added Wilde. The desire to escape from the difficult realities of so many people’s lives is actually a very human trait. I don’t blame individuals for seeking solace, but I believe that the tabloid press is a tool used to humiliate and contrast women.

Wilde believes that by criticising and pitting female filmmakers and creatives against one another, we are all participating in the communal denigration of women.

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